Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Planning: Exploring Masterhead Titles

For my final coursework piece I have explored some different masterhead titles I could use for my magazine cover. I created a survey and asked another 40 of my chosen target audience to produce feedback on the one they prefered. The results are as shown below:

1. Boogie [0]
2. Indie Groove [6]
3. Music Matterz [9]
4. Dance [1]
5. The Beat [2]
6. Jump & Jive [3]
7. Funky Fever [2]
8. Base [3]
9. Rave [4]
10. Jammin [2]
11. Poptastic [3]
12. Boom Boom [5]

As you can see from my results there is another clear winner of "Music Matterz" which was closely followed by "Indie Groove" (my personal favourite). I am quite pleased with the results as I have already created a mock up using that title to give the audience an idea of how it will look. The next step is to find a suitable colour scheme for both the name and font type being used.

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