Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Planning: Mock Up 4

This is my second mock up which I have produced to explore the colours, fonts and layout for my overall magazine cover. I first began with a black and white gradient background (as shown below) which led me on to trying out different colours to see what effect it had on the cover.

I chose the name "Electric" as it was the first thing I thought of when lookin at the background colour and style.

The filmstrip at the bottom was used to show the bands that are appearing in the magazine. The use of fade was to add effect to both the images and the overall cover as it looks like the filmstrip is slightly curved round the magazine.

I positioned the main image over all the other images to show that he is the most important on the page.

I used quite a few gradients for both the background and the masterhead as solid colours seem to be boring especially for this type of magazine. I decided to use dull blacks, greys and whites as the colour scheme with a shocking blue colour to grab the readers attention.

I converted the scouting for girls star into black and white before placing on my magazine mock up as the colours he is wearing would completely lose the effect of the eye catching, schocking blue colour on top of the black and white background.

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