Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Magazine Analysis Cover 2

Genre: Pop

Masterhead: The conventional title "Sugar" has purposely been placed infront of the main image of Rihanna in order to be recognised by the target audience. This shows that it is not a well known magazine, which therefore needs to clearly state it's name. A pale pink has been used for the masterhead to reflect upon and attract their target audience, which I think is teenage girls.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: The colour scheme used mostly for this magazine is pink and white, with some black and yellow text to grab the readers attention and to highlight certain important words. The white background is used to enhance the main image of Rihanna and the shadow used is to add the effect of the image being real. A range of different fonts has been used to grab the readers attention and reflect on the word used, for example "Juicy" has been written in orange and italics to enphasise the article. Specific words have been created in bold print to enhasise and grab the readers attention, for example "boobs".
Mise-en-Scene: The main image of Rihanna has been taken as a medium close up to show the upper part of her body and her head, which then fills around 50% of the overall magazine cover. The article headings and insights have been positioned around the page covering Rihanna's body but specifically not her head as the readers will need a clear image of her in order to recognise the celebrity. The masterhead has been conveniently placed in the top centre of the page, overlapping the main image in order to stand out above the rest of the cover. This suggests this is not a widely recognised magazine so therefore need to clearly show the title.

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