Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Contents Page Analysis 2

Genre: Rock Magazine

Layout and Mise-en-Scene: The use of large images on the contents page is to attract the reader to the page and show the genre of the magazine more clearly. The layout of this page is quite simple and bland as the images are placed around the edge with just one box for the textual content. The images relate to the type of genre as the majority of people in them are not smiling and are dressed in dark, dull colours which aso reflects the mood of the 'rock' genre. In two of the images is a yellow background to enhance the dark colours of their clothes which too enhances the rock genre again. The top left image is showing a man smling which is not stereotipically what the audience expects to see as it is a rock magazine. However, this could show that even those interesting in rock can have fun at times. The use of one girl being in an image on her own is to state that rock magazine are not just for lads to read but also girls.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: The colour scheme in the images is mostly dark and dull to represent the rock genre of the magazine. Contrasting to the background of the images is a white background of the page in order to enhance the textual content and the images. A white background is simple yet effective in a rock magazine as it brightens up the page and so the readers can clearly establish the whereabouts of the content on the page. The page numbers and descriptions are both written in black as that contrasts with the white background to clearly state the information. The use of pink sub-headings is to add a little colour to the page and so readers don't think a rock magazine is purely for lads to read. "Kingsize" has been written in bold to clearly show that is the title to the contents page and has not been written in italics to show it is the main heading of the page; the underline to "Kingsize" also represents this.

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