Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Magazine Analysis Cover 1

Genre: Pop

Masterhead: The title "Smash Hits" has been partially covered by the main image, an advertisement and "New Look!" to suggest this is also a well known magazine, which doesn't need to clearly show the masterhead for it to be recognised. The masterhead is in lower case yet clearly still the largest on the page and is conventionally positioned in the centre.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: The overall colour scheme used are two shades of pink, light and dark. This immediatly informs readers of the content in the magazine, which also suggests the target audience they were expecting (young, female teenagers). A white outline has been used around the font to enhance it and so they do not blend in with the background as 50% of it is also pink. The majority font type used again is 'arial black' with the exception of the language used to involve the reader such as "You'll love" and of course the conventional masterhead.

Mise-en-Scene: The main image is positioned off centre to show the audience that there is more than one main article to read in this magazine and so shares the cover with other larger images. On this pop magazine there is a greater quantity of images on the front cover than headings in order to catch the audiences eye as they would prefer to look at images rather than read long headlines. The four articles advertised on the front cover are positioned in each corner, slightly over-lapping others.

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