Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Contents Page Analysis 1

Genre: Lifestyle

Layout and Mise-en-Scene: The layout of this magazines contents page is quite simple as the page numbers and headings are positioned on the left side with photography on the right. This reflects with the type of magazine it is as homelife is portrayed as being simple and calm which is the impression this magazine gives. The curved edges surrounding the images has been used for a calming effect.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: The basic colour scheme of a white background and a plain red line under the "Contents" heading is again used for simplicity. A white background will enhance the content of the page as it has done with the images on the right hand side. Red page numbers are used to continue with the regular colour scheme and calm mood. The page numbers on the images are big, bold and white to stand out from the darker colours on the pictures. The sub-headings use a continuous font, size and colour in order to be separate from the article headings and page numbers below them. "Contents" has been written in a plain,simple and calming font to once again reflect the mood of the magazine.

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