Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Preliminary Product: Front Cover

Title: I chose to make the masterhead of my magazine the largest text on the screen so it is recognised as being the title of the magazine. I chose blue and yellow as the colour scheme as the colours are bright and work well with each other. The font used is unusual and so readers will be able to clearly recognise this school magazine. The "Specialist Sports College" was written in a script font to show how sophisticated this school is. I chose to use yellow for this as it is the brightest colour to use and so stands out from the background.

Images: I decided to create a school sports college magazine and so the majority of events which take place are all based on sport, hence the three different sporting photographs at the bottom of the page. However, to show that this was not just a simple sports magazine, I used a main image of students working hard to reflect that this is still a school magazine. The smaller images at the bottom are surrounded by yellow and blue lines to make them stand out from the background and not to appear merged as well as being consistent with the colour scheme. The background image was taken in a school computer room which has good lighting as it was from directly above the students. No artificial lighting was used as you can see from the top left of the image being slightly shaded; this did not affect my image.

Logo's: The BHS logo was used as the jigsaw peices represent schooling and the colour scheme is consistent with my chosen colour scheme, which was origional based upon that logo.

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