Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Planning: Photographs

Below are some of the photographs I took for my coursework magazine with their altered images to show the transformation.

This image might be used on the contents page in the place of Britney Spears from a white contents page draft I created earlier. As you might have seen, the images are quite similar because I used inspiration from an image of Britney which I found on the internet. This picture above still needs to be flipped horizontally before being placed on my contents page.

This photograph could possibly be used as the main image on my double page spread as it can be placed dead centre of the two pages. I wanted to make the image more eye catching and noticeable so I used a radial blur around the edge to focus on Becky and used a spherical pastel coloured background to help direct the attention to the photograph.

As you have already seen on a front cover draft, I have used a medium close up of Becky holding her bag, but I thought about experimenting with other camera shots and tested out this one above. A long shot shows her whole body and quite importantly her stance which will attract the audiences attention the most. This image can be incorporated into the film strip better as her legs can easily be positioned behind the smaller images and can then be seen at the very bottom of the page, whereas the medium close up will just get cut off.

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