Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Preliminary Product: Contents Page

Title: I chose to make the title of this page quite big in order for it to be easily seen by readers and for them to recognise the page they are reading. I continued with the same colour scheme as on the front cover, blue and yellow, to be consistent. When looking at my contents page on publisher, the blue letters in the title seemed clearer and easier to read. However, since uploading it to blogger, the colour of the letters blends in with the background colour making it harder to read and less clear. I perhaps could have used a slightly lighter colour for the background in order for the title to stand out.

Images: I decided to produce a magazine of a sports college and so the images are based on different sporting events which go on around the school. I used a range of background on the pictures to show the facilities the school owns such as, netball courts, indoor badminton courts and the astro turf. The second picture seems to be quite dull as the day I took it was just after it had rained. Next time, I should think more about the time of day I take the picture and think more about the lighting.

Logo's: The choice of logo's was based upon the magazines masterhead. BHS stands for Biddulph High School and the sports college logo reflects upon the type of school it is, a sports college. The BHS logo is consistent with the colour scheme of my preliminary project and so fitted perfectly with this page.

Extras: I decided to use extra little shapes to enhance the page and make it look interesting. The use of jigsaw peices was the reflect on the fact that this is a school's magazine and to add a little creativity. The numbers inside the jigsaw peices show the page number of where the picture can be located later on in the magazine. I used a star shape to enhance the page numbers again in the contents page details list.

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