Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Analysis of Spread 1

Genre: RnB

Layout and Mise-on-Scene: The layout of this spread is quite successful as the main image is a long shot of Ciara which has been convientally placed slightly to the right of the page. This is so the publisher can add part of the article to the left of her in line with her body, which creates a wonderful effect. On the second page, the article has been written in an origional layout with the image top left of the text and the text written in two columns.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: The blue gradient background has been used to attract readers to the page and to show the main focus of this particular page - the image of Ciara. Her dark coloured jeans, light coloured top and brown hair allows her to stand out clearly from the blue background which was used for this purpose. The white text was used to stand out from the blue background and also to be recognised at the side of the image. The colour scheme on the other side of the double page spread is some what reversed from the first page as there is a lighter blue background with dark blue text. The second, smaller image of Ciara has a dark blue background which is the same as the background colour on the first page so the publisher has continued onto the second page with this colour scheme but then reversed it for effect. There are three fonts used on this double page spread; one to clearly state who the celebrity is "Ciara", one for the little insight to the article "She's got the vocals, moves and looks and works them to the top" and one for the article text.

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