Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Research: Magazine Analysis Cover 3

Genre: R'n'B and Hiphop

Masterhead: The conventional title, "Vibe", is only half visible as the main image is over lapping. This suggests the magazine is well known and therefore does not need to be prioritised over the image. A bright, vibrant orange has been chosen to grab readers eyes as it stands out from the off-white background.

Colour Scheme and Fonts: Two pale colours, orange and blue, are used to calm the mood of the magazine and to reflect with the R'n'B genre. Black and white font colours are used to describe the hip-hop articles of the magazine in contrast to the R'n'B. This may be to clearly outline the different types of genres this magazine covers aswell as equally stand out from each other. "Vibe" magazine has gone with the traditional 'arial black' font on the cover, all in upper case letters except the title. This is an unique technique used to distinguish this title from another one.

Mise-en-Scene: The article headings are positioned around the main image to show the importance of Janet Jackson. The effect of the camera used in the main image is to enhance the "First Ever Photo Issue!" of the magazine, which is positioned on the master head. Janet Jackson's clothing relates to the music she performs and is ideal for the genre of the magazine. The choice of an off-white background was quite risky for the magazine as Janet Jackson is wearing a white vest top, which covers about 20% of the overall cover. However, by choosing an off-white colour enhances the pure white in which she is wearing so overall works well.

I have found this magazine cover to be very inspirational to me as I will base my own cover on the layout and positioning of the main image and text; this cover shows it has depth as the main image appears to be behind the article text yet infront of the masterhead, which is quite effective.

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